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Barre Body® is currently being offered as Personal Training & Small Group Training.

Barre Body® is a modern, challenging and safe Barre class that sculpts your body while providing a calorie-burning, low-impact cardio workout. Set to a  mix of upbeat music, students use a variety of props to promote the development of long, lean muscles like those associated with a dancer’s body – giving them that “barre body” look.

  • Shapes and tones muscles without adding excess bulk
  • Increases cardiovascular fitness and stamina
  • Challenges coordination and balance, and enhances posture
  • Creates longer, leaner, and more flexible muscles
  • Heightens body awareness and inspires a mind-body connection
  • Provides a low impact workout including arm and leg weight work
  • Allows you to customize your workout level with an assortment of light hand weights, balls, and exercise bands
  • Serves as a great stress reliever
  • AND it’s fun!